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Helpful VC Readings

As I’ve transitioned into working in VC in the last year I’ve had to learn many things that are new to me. I’ve been a reader my whole life, and learn extremely well by reading. I think it still remains the best way to consume a large amount of information effectively over time, despite the growing penetration of other types of content into our life.

Here’s a list of readings I’ve found useful for my own learning in the past year. If you’re looking to transition into VC or just learn more about the space, I hope you find these helpful.

General Knowledge

Investment Structures


Investment Stages

Being a Good VC

How is Venture Capital Evolving?


Building & Returning A Fund

Building a Thesis

Building a Tech Business

LP-GP Alignment

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Things I’ve Focused on Learning

  • AI: Specifically different techniques and how they work at a highly level, the chicken and egg problem with data/models
  • Go-to-market models across different industries and how best to fit your go-to-market to your industry
  • Blockchain: How does it work? Get down to the nitty gritty and then you will understand its true value-props
  • Markets/Marketplaces: How do markets operates? What drives them? What drives good marketplaces?
  • General business terminology such as CAC, LTV and how they relate to each other

Note: This is a living list, I’m going to keep adding to it over time. If I’ve missed a reading you’ve found particularly helpful please drop me a message with a link onLinkedin.






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